Anshul Khetarpal of Shasta County – How Biotechnology Can Help With Balance

Anshul Khetarpal of Shasta County is a dedicated sales professional currently working within the realm of biotechnology and diagnostics. He is dedicated to his career in the field and his opportunity to make the world a better place through his profession. He is currently serving as the Vice President of Business Development and Strategy for a major sales organization working within the biotech industry. He is considered a pioneer when it comes to selling durable medical equipment as he makes the lives of medical professionals easier everyday. New advancements are being discovered in the industry everyday, including aspects of health you wouldn’t think biotech could affect.

Anshul khetarpal Shasta CountyOne way in which the biotechnology industry is helping people all over the world is through balance. Although this seems like an area of study where biotechnology may not be absolutely necessary, it can in fact have a great effect on those who suffer from balance issues. Leaders in the biotech industry have developed specially designed insoles that measure the pressure distribution of the feet, which means that professionals can diagnose balance problems for people before falling actually occurs. The technology was inspired by the same technology used by NASA to determine the balance of astronauts who have recently returned to Earth from space. Technology like this is being developed by major biotech companies located all over the world, and it is drastically changing the field of medicine for both patients and doctors.

Anshul Khetarpal Shasta County is proud to be a part of such a giving industry. He has a natural gift for selling important products, and he is pleased to know that the products he sells go on to save the lives of people suffering all over the world. He is dedicated to his career in the field of biotechnology.