Anshul Kheterpal of Shasta County: Tips for Success in Sales

A career in sales can be extremely lucrative for experienced veterans who have honed their techniques, but everyone has to start somewhere.  Anshul Kheterpal has worked for a leading Biotech/Diagnostic sales organization in Shasta County for almost a decade and offers the following tips for success in sales.

What Does The Customer Hear?

You may know your sales pitch inside and out, but what you relay to the consumer is far less important than what they hear. Your message is only clear if your customer hears what you are saying and ultimately responds to you.  Practice your message by leaving it for yourself first and using your recording to fine tune your script.  Once you sound good to yourself, you’ll likely sound good to a customer as well.

What Difference Can This Product Make For Customers?

You may have the most innovative service or product, but customers only care about the service or product if it can make an impact in their organization.  Instead of focusing on the product, hone in on the measurable results it can have for the company.  When you focus on the benefits of the product rather than the product itself, doors just may fly open.

Resist the Temptation to Speed Up The Process

Rushing to make the sale is a common temptation for those starting out in the field. Many companies have multiple levels of management that need to approve purchases, providing obstacles that naturally slow down the pace of sales.  Respecting the process that each organization has to follow and taking steps slowly will bode well in the long run.

Anshul Kheterpal is the Executive Vice President of Business Development and Strategy for a leading sales organization in Shasta County.  With his sales team, he promotes the client before profit and makes sales goals attainable, creating a unique set up for success.

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