Anshul Kheterpal of Shasta County: Getting Started in Bodybuilding

Transforming your body through bodybuilding is an attainable goal that can be achieved by anyone with a solid plan and strong focus, but beginning the journey can be an overwhelming experience. Anshul Kheterpal works in business development in Shasta County and counts bodybuilding among his many diverse interests.  These tips can help those just getting started with the sport.

Begin With Your Doctor

Before embarking on any rigorous physical fitness regimen, having a complete physical is a wise idea.  Knowing where you stand physically can vastly improve your efforts while also providing benchmarks such as cholesterol and blood pressure that you can use to help track your progress. In addition to improving overall appearance, bodybuilding can also contribute to general health by helping with the inner workings of your body.

Get On Board With a Healthy Diet

What goes into your body is just as important as the works outs you put your body through. Pairing a healthy diet with your workouts is essential in achieving the best results possible.  Start by removing any tempting junk food from your home and aim to make healthy, whole foods more prominent in your diet.

Get Geared Up

As with any sport, bodybuilding requires some basic gear.  Start out by getting suited up with these essentials—you’ll need comfortable clothes to workout in, running shoes, a heart rate monitor, water bottle and towel, a jump rope, kettlebells or dumbbells and a resistance band. Quality items are well worth the money as you are investing in yourself.

Anshul Kheterpal of Shasta County is a successful sales executive who enjoys hobbies focusing on physical fitness. In addition to bodybuilding, he also enjoys running marathons and skydiving.

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