Anshul Kheterpal of Shasta County: Tips for Preparing for a Marathon

Completing a marathon is a great feat in both physical and mental stamina and for those aiming to complete their first long distance run, there are many things you can do to gear up for the big day. Anshul Kheterpal of Shasta County has run several marathons and offers these tips for getting ready for a long-distance run.

Build Your Stamina

The first step in gearing up for a marathon is weekly runs to begin building stamina.  Aim to run three to five times a week for a total distance of twenty to twenty-five miles.  Ease your body into the routine of running before taking on longer distances; it’s important not to over train your body as you don’t want to risk burnout or even injury before embarking on high intensity-training.

The Longer Runs

After building weekly runs and gradually increasing mileage, it’s time to take on longer runs. Aim to fit in a long run every week to ten days and increasing by a mile each week.  Decreasing the long distance run after three weeks of increasing will help in not overworking the body and putting yourself at risk for injury.  Completing these longer distances at a slower pace will help to build confidence as well as the stamina that will be needed as you work towards the marathon distance.

Focus On Other Workouts As Well

Core and strength training are the quintessential complement to running.  Core training helps provide the body with the strength needed to maintain good form during a long distance run; as your body tires during the course of the run, core strength helps to balance the entire body.  Including core and strength workouts as part of your regular exercise routine during training will help in the quest to safely cross the finish line.

Anshul Kheterpal works in the medical field as the Executive Vice President of Business Development in Shasta County.  He has competed in multiple marathons and enjoys participating in races on behalf of local charities.

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